Look at Cranel's History of Synergistic Growth
Cranel History


Since our founding in 1985, Cranel Inc. has evidenced a history of strong growth. We have honed a visionary ability to anticipate change in the rapidly evolving technology industry based on careful attention to customer needs.

This capacity to plan for the future while effectively meeting present challenges has created a synergy that differentiates us from other businesses.

Our progressive technology solutions are strategically customized, affordable and flexible to scale with change and growth.

Stimulating Ideas Resulting in Better Productivity

At Cranel, we know how to help you anticipate tomorrow while managing today.

One of the first distributors of imaging and storage products, Cranel diversified and expanded its offerings to include comprehensive consultation and technical support as well as OED and Check Automation distribution. Today, we operate three full-service business units—Cranel Imaging, Versitec and ISOdx, each with a multi-faceted range of capabilities.